Daggers of the Rohirrim

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Team Fortress 2 – Scout Pack Concepts

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For St. Patrick’s Day

Industrial Design – Nausicaa Gun

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A horn gun, which uses the wind turbine to generate sound energy. It is converted into electric power by the generator ( enclosed in the silver box) and the converted energy is also stored there. This is so that in situations where there is no wind, the gun can still be used, although limited.

The knobs at the bottom can be pushed or pulled out to control the flow of the wind, which in turn will affect the tone of the horn. (Like a trumpet or a clarinet). In close range, I suppose one could stun the opponent with sound.

The entire body of the gun is made out of the Ohmu’s glass, so it’s really strong and light. Very useful for scouts and sentries who need to be mobile and travel light. The wood part just protects the Ohmu barrel and holds the metal parts in place.

The two metal loops at the bottom are where the gun strap would be attached.

Screenshot from Fallout New Vegas! 😀

TF 2 – More Holiday Pack Concepts

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Team Fortress 2 – Holiday Pack

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Here is my gun concept for the St. Patrick’s Day Holiday  Pack for Team Fortress 2.

TF 2 - Sha-Blam-Rock Gun Concept | 2012

Spring 2012 at TAD

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School’s started for about a month now! And it’s been a challenge so far! I also just came home from Japan which means I have alot of catch up on in terms of classes and assignments.

But I didn’t want to leave this blog inactive for too long so I decided to drop in a few art pieces.

Sculpture Study | Acrylics 2012


Nausicaa -Concept Weapon | 2012

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