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First of all,

Happy Lunar New Year!

This is shaping up to be one great semester so far. In Jason Castagna’s class, we are suppose to take an existing Intellectual Property and reinterpret/redesign/update, essentially, make it our own. So I decided to pick a PC game my cousin introduced to me, and hence that holds very dear memories of childhood for me. This game is none other than Ultima 7: The Black Gate.

I probably didn’t understand the game entirely at that time, but it didn’t matter. The game got me hooked. So I really want to do a good job in re-thinking how I would make concept art for the Ultima series in general. I have to make it different, but I don’t want to make it alien.

Anyway here are my initial thumbnail sketches for “The Stranger”/”The Avatar”. Just playing around with ideas.

I thought of Asian themes, Victorian/Colonial themes, went back to Medieval European theme and some random mix and match of themes/ideas. So far, I think I like the references with the Egyptian costuming (from the Ankh imagery) and I am leaning towards a modern sci, fi, cyberpunk or steampunk take of Britannia & her inhabitants. What do fans of Ultima think? How would you re-imagine Britannia, the Avatar, Lord British, Iolo, Shamino, Dupre and the Guardian?

Ultima Remake

TAD starts again…

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This week is the 1st week of school, and is also my last official semester.  I am looking forward to a huge leap forward in terms of getting a portfolio out and trying to get a crack into the industry.  Most of the time, it seems like it’s such a long way away, but I want to keep positive and remain hopeful. But all that hope and optimism is useless if I don’t put in the work.

Anyway, I just did this painting really quick to post a new thing for my blog in order to keep this blog updated.


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