2016 – Panelgraph + Gormon

January 31, 2016 § Leave a comment

Hello guys!

This is going to be a quick post to kick off my blog for 2016. A piece of work I did a few years back has been feature in the first quarterly issue of Panelgraph 2016. But as a treat, i dug out some of the old sketches and also write a little bit about the process. Here is the link, and you’ll want to read the 2016.1 issue, under the entry Clarabelle Chong.

So people who dig reading about process work – this would be something neat to read.

And also, this year Gor-Mon kicked of the year of the monkey by being a part of a children’s program. I made some colouring pages and also created some handmade prizes for the kids who made the best colouring. And the winners were picked by other kids! Read all about it here.

I’ll have more photos to share on the website when I receive them from the organizer.

I’ll also share the latest adorable Gor & Mon stuffed toys I’ve been making soon.

Anyway, I posted a few new sketches on my instagram account at the end of last year, so follow me on instagram to get the latest art. I’m working on a change of style after getting some pretty cool brushes from Kyle T. Webster.

I’m still keeping this blog going, just that it isn’t getting as much love as it used to. But a big thanks to the peeps who have been following my blog for four years now!

Till my next post – ttyl!

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