Lost N Found Art

February 15, 2017 § Leave a comment

Here are some pieces of work that I did for Omens Studios when they wanted to do a couple of concept pitches for children’s animation for Okto channel

I also did some initial concept write up and art for Leo the Wildlife Ranger – winner of Best Preschool Programme at the 21st Asian Television Awards, but alas, I’ve lost them haha 😛 Anyway I’m sure the peeps at Omens have it!




I’m still Here – Drawing

February 15, 2017 § Leave a comment

Hello all! To those who still check this blog, thanks! Sorry there hasn’t been new content here, it’s just easier for me to post on Instagram (follow me @clarabellechong) . But I’ve got something to share today. Which is the process work for this piece.

In 100 frames, I’ll show you how this picture was done. I compiled these 100 images into a gif. So, scroll down to watch and see how I got to the final image! (You may need to wait for it to load)



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